Our Holiday Gift Guide 2023

This year we created our first annual holiday gift guide for the National Ataxia Foundation. It takes a fun twist on some of our favorite products, and we hope it sparks ideas for useful, thoughtful, and accessible gifts for yourself or a loved one.

Of course, while our team thinks these products are great, we recommend that you take a close look at the refund or exchange policy in case it’s not the right fit. We are not paid to endorse any of the following products or companies that we are sharing with you. Enjoy!

1. OXO POP containers filled with something special

Three clear containers on a wood table, one filled with hot chocolate, a second with pretzels and a third with colorful m&ms.

Image: Three clear OXO POP containers are sitting on a wooden table. One is filled with hot chocolate packets, another with pretzels, and the third with colorful peanut M&Ms.

OXO POP containers are great for storing dried foods, candy, snacks, tea bags, and so much more in the kitchen or around the house (think cotton swabs, craft supplies…the sky is the limit). The best part about these containers (which come in all different sizes) is the large button on the lid that can be pushed with one hand to open or secure the lid (watch here). 

To make these containers extra special, fill them up! Here are some ideas:

  • Their favorite snacks or candy (blast to the past with this “retro candy”)
  • Tea bags or hot chocolate mix
  • Homemade trail mix or granola (here’s a recipe)
  • Another small gift (...a good pair of socks? Gloves? Hand warmers?) 


2. A travel mug (or something to carry it with)

A silver Contigo Luxe Autseal travel mug on a table with hot chocolate packets and tea bags.

Image: A Silver Contigo Luxe Autoseal Travel Mug on a wooden table with Swiss Miss hot chocolate packets and tea bags leaning against it and a plant behind it.

One of Day Undefined’s most highly viewed products is the Contigo Luxe Autoseal Tumbler, reviewed by Lisa. She loves this coffee mug, which helps limit spills, and takes it everywhere. To use this mug, you push in a button while drinking. When the button is not pushed, the drinking valve is closed, making it hard to spill. If this doesn’t seem like the right model for your gift, check out the other tumblers and mugs we have reviewed. 

Of course, if your gift recipient already has a beloved “I heart Pugs” mug or cup, then maybe it’s more about transporting it. If that’s the case, consider these useful devices:

The nice thing about giving a travel mug is that you can pair it with a gift of their favorite tea, coffee, hot chocolate - or any other favorite beverage!


3. Suprus electric lighter paired with an awesome candle

Lighting a candle in a glass jar with a Suprus electric lighter.


Image: Black Suprus electric lighter lighting a candle in a glass jar.

The Suprus electric lighter is easier than most other methods of lighting things, especially for someone with decreased fine motor skills. To use this lighter, you slide a switch forward and then push a button (but not at the same time). It is also rechargeable! Just one word of caution - it’s not childproof. Watch this close-up demo.

To make this extra special, consider pairing it with a unique candle that…

If an electric lighter and candle isn’t the right choice for their household, consider a beautiful flameless candle (with a remote!) instead. 


4. Cell phone accessories that reflect the person’s style

A white cell phone with a grip strap in turquoise popped up on the back of it and a black lanyard attached to it.

Image: A white cell phone with a grip strap in turquoise popped up on the back of it and a black lanyard attached to it.

Many of us use our phones a lot. So having a comfortable, secure, and stylish (!) experience with it can make a big difference. What do we mean? There are cases, grips, and lanyards that can add reassurance that it won’t get lost or dropped (or break if it does). Even better is finding these in the favorite color or pattern of the person who will be using it. Here are the ones that Day Undefined has reviewed, but don’t hesitate to expand beyond these if you think a different style might be better:


5. The perfect blanket

Gray Bearaby weighted blanket stretched out on a bed with a green comforter and pillows.

Image: The Bearaby weighted blanket in dark gray-blue spread out over the end of a bed.

Here’s the thing about blankets. When you find the right one, it’s your favorite thing – but the possibilities feel endless! For many people a light, soft throw blanket is just right for watching TV or working at their computer; others might benefit from a weighted blanket while sleeping, which has been said to help with sleep and anxiety, among other things. And then there are heated blankets for extra cold nights, or cooling blankets for hot sleepers. We don’t have the answer for you, but we do know that blankets can make a really special gift. Tip: try to ask some sneaky questions ahead of time to get an idea of what the person might want 🙂 

Here are some ideas:

Thanks for reading, and wishing you all the best this holiday season!


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