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A person is using the SpillNot drink carrier, a black device, to carry a glass with water.

Carrying without spilling.

What do we do?

Day Undefined finds and reviews everyday products for more accessible homes. All of our products are reviewed by individuals with physical disabilities. We strive to provide real images and video reviews for every item on our website. You can meet our review team here. We focus on finding products according to their use, style, value, and most importantly, personal recommendations, rather than just an "adaptive" label. What do we mean? Check out this blog by our co-founder Liam: Why I use a "Non-Adaptive" Water Bottle.


Want to learn more about why we got started? Check out this article by Hawken Miller on Friedreich's Ataxia News:

"Liam Dougherty, who has Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), and Katelyn Leader, whose sister has an undiagnosed form of spinocerebellar ataxia, are creating a new website to connect people with all types of disabilities to consumer products that can help them in their daily lives..." Read More.


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