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Welcome to Day Undefined, an online marketplace curating household products and home technologies based on the insights and experiences of people with disabilities. We focus on finding products according to their use, style, value, and most importantly, personal recommendations, rather than just an "adaptive" label. What do we mean? Check out this blog by our co-founder Liam: Why I use a "Non-Adaptive" Water Bottle.

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Good coffee, hold the burns.

"I gave myself second and third degree burns on five percent of my body the last time I tried to make hot coffee in a french press. I don’t want to get too much into the gorey details... But even during my skin graff and 4-month worst-pain-of-my-life recovery, I couldn’t stop on caffeine, usually in the form of coffee. Always made by someone else and left sitting until lukewarm. That is as clear a depiction I can give of how much I love the stuff."


White coffee mug surrounded by coffee beans

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"Day Undefined helps search for Adaptive Products"

“There are so many things that are barriers for me that I can only overcome with the appropriate product,” Dougherty, who currently works full time out of Philadelphia, told Friedreich’s Ataxia News by phone. “It’s kind of frustrating to be doing things the hard way for so long, and we get a friend that says ‘Have you tried this?’ And suddenly it works.” Read the full article here.