Our Team


A young white woman with brown hair, stylish glasses, and bright lipstick smiling. She is wearing a green shirt.

Ericka is a very proud disabled queer woman. She works as an independent living specialist in Kansas and has been a longtime member of ADAPT. Previously, she has worked at independent living centers in New York and Vermont. She has two certificates in Web Design & Motion Graphics and Pet Grooming. Ericka is a wheelchair user with the disability Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). In her spare time, she loves to visit new places on day trips, do puzzles and organize with other activists. She loves trying out new products that might make not only her life but others' lives easier. Right now her favorite product is a toothpaste dispenser she found on Amazon. She lives in Rochester, NY with her two adult cats but hopes to soon live with her fiancé!



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I am Hannah, I am a member of Day Undefined. At Day Undefined, we are committed to offering products that can help anyone who needs daily living aids to cope with their environment and make their life easier and more convenient. As an Ataxia patient (Ataxia is a rare neurological disease. It is progressive and affecting a person's ability to walk, talk and use fine motor skills…), my biggest dream is to be independent one day: to reach things I want and no longer spill water & food unintentionally. My dream inspired me to be part of Day Undefined, because in Day Undefined every item is tested by someone with a physical disability to make sure they are of great assistance and support. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my son, to play board games or watch a family movie. We live in San Francisco Bay Area. 



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Kate’s older sister, Jen, has a rare disease called spinocerebellar ataxia, and while helping her shop for household products, they discovered that many of the ones that best met Jen's needs were not necessarily the ones sold as "adaptive." It was clear that a lot could (and should) be done to re-think how products are curated, focusing on their use, and user experiences, rather than their label. Most recently, Kate was a German Chancellor Fellow. Prior to that, she helped launch Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania and was a Fulbright Public Policy Fellow in Haiti. She has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MPhil from the University of Oxford. 



A white male with brown hair smiles. He is sitting in front of a computer and wearing a checkered shirt.

Liam is completely immersed in the disability community. He is a board member of both Disabled in Action and the supports coordination agency Liberty Community Connections, and a longtime member of ADAPT. He currently works with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health as the Access and Functional Needs Coordinator. He previously worked as a Project Coordinator at the disability advocacy nonprofit and Center for Independent Living (CIL) Liberty Resources. He received his BA in Liberal Arts at St. John’s College and his Masters in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Liam has a rare genetic disability called Friedreich’s ataxia and uses a wheelchair and many other adaptive products. He has personally felt the indignity and discomfort in buying the things that he hopes will make his life easier and wants to make a change to bring the disability community into the 21st century. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter.



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Sarah is a journalist based in Minnesota. She writes stories and produces radio programs about everything from wildfires and wildlife to public schools, sickle cell disease, climate change, and housing. Previously, she worked in medical and public health research on the East Coast, and at a nonprofit in Cambodia. She has cerebral palsy, which affects her mobility and balance. She travels often and appreciates the practical solutions that make it easier to cross ice and snow-covered walkways, or to carry her camera, heavy recording gear, notebook and computer to reporting assignments.



Tony, a black man with short pink/purple hair and a trimmed beard, smiles at the camera. It is nighttime and the moon shines in the background. He is wearing a jacket that is black with yellow sleeves and says West Side of Philly.
Guy Anthony Brooks, from Ghana.
Lived in the Middle East, London, Kuwait, Germany, travelled a lot.
Profession: Auto Mechanic, Disabled, Advocate For Accessibility, in Homes, in Communities, in Health, Young To Aged, living in West Philadelphia.