Black Zubits magnetic shoe laces are shown in a package that looks like a shoe, demonstrating how they might look on a shoe.

Zubits Magnetic Laces

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These magnetic laces work on all types of shoes, including hiking or winter boots, and come in a variety of colors. 

Product recommended by Melodie:

Tight fit without laces. I love these for my son. He has muscle coordination issues and can’t tie laces. We’ve tried elastic ones but they tend to loosen up and fray over time and are never really tight enough. These are easy to fasten and unfasten and allow a tight fit that is good for sports or hiking shoes to feel secured. You can take them off with one hand or a stick but ideally need two to press them together for the magnet to snap close.

Other aspects of using this product to consider: You probably will need help with the initial lace up if you have coordination challenges.

Similar products to consider: Elastic laces. Some shoes come with those to easily slip on and off.

Might be particularly relevant for: decreased fine motor control, decreased coordination

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