Five stainless steel utensils with thick, black grips around the entire handle and holes through the end (for hanging). From left to right, they are a regular spoon, a soup spoon, a fork, a regular knife and a slightly shorter, more curved knife.

Wide, Non-weighted Adaptive Utensils

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Walmart - Wide, non-weighted adaptive utensils by Special Supplies

Amazon - Wide, non-weighted adaptive utensils by Special Supplies


Product Review by Ellie: (meet our team)

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This set of five adaptive kitchen utensils might be easier to use for people with hand tremors [or other challenges with gripping utensils]. The grip on the end of the utensil is wide and made of a non-slip material. This set is made of dishwasher safe stainless steel.


  • Has wide grip on the end so it makes it easier to hold and improves control
  • The set comes with two sets of spoons and knives so you can choose which one is most helpful
  • When cutting something, the knife doesn’t hurt your hand because of the grip
  • The grip doesn’t slip through your fingers


  • The grip might be too big for people with smaller hands


Video Review:

Ellie demonstrates using the wide-grip, non-weighted utensils.