A woman with long brown hair is walking on a snow-covered path in the woods using hiking poles in her hands.

Ultra Z Folding Trekking Poles

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Montem Website - Ultra Z Folding Trekking Poles


Product Review by Sarah: (meet our team)

I loved these trekking poles when I started to use them. They made Minnesota’s snow and ice-covered sidewalks, scenic lake paths, and the cold winter commute safer and so much more accessible. They helped me to move at a better pace, and avoid falls and loss of balance. They are adjustable, with comfortable, padded grips at the top, and sharper points that can be uncovered at the bottom, for digging into very slippery or steep terrain.

Unfortunately, I fell while walking to an appointment with these poles when one of them hit a deep dent that I had failed to notice in my path. As I got up, that one pole snapped and broke at the end.

***Update: A replacement pair of poles was sent to me from the company upon request, at no cost, and they have been working well.


Video Demonstration:

Sarah demonstrates the Kahtoola NANOspikes and Montem Ultra Z Folding Trekking Poles on a snowy path in the woods.