Thermos water bottle on a wood table. It is light blue on top with a stainless steel container and a light blue silicone sleeve with ridges. At the bottom is a black label that says "Genuine Thermos Brand" and 14.

Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle (18 oz.)

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This bottle holds 18 oz. and weighs 0.5 pounds. It has vacuum insulation and says that it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 14 hours. The silicone sleeve offers additional grip, and it has a push button lid with an optional metal ring lock. Fits most car cupholders.

Product Review by Lisa: (meet our team, here)

Pros - 
  • Easy button to pop open the top to drink
  • Top cover so that nothing gets in your drink that you don't want it to
  • Relatively thin bottle along with the rubber grip makes it easier to hold on to
  • Small opening to drink from that can prevent spills
  • Relatively inexpensive
Cons - (difficult to come up with cons!)
  • Small opening to drink from also means it takes longer if you want to guzzle your drink
  • The button to pop open the water bottle might not be easy for everybody depending on hand strength
  • I'm sure the lock on the water bottle was designed for one hand to use. I can do it with one hand sometimes but I usually need to do it with two because of fine motor coordination issues.

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Note: Our reviewer bought her bottle at Kitchen Stuff Plus! Please feel free to search for this product at a place most convenient for you!

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