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Four clear tumblers with straws

December's Featured Product: Skinny Acrylic Tumblers

Maars Drinkware
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These double walled acrylic tumblers (16 oz.) are perfect for taking your drink on-the-go. They don't create the condensation that makes some cups slippery and are the right size for standard cup holders. Moreover, they are thinner than many tumblers, which can make them easier to hold with one hand. You push on or pull off the lid rather than screw it on. The tumblers are BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher safe. This variety comes in clear, but they are also available with colored lids and straws. 

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Customer Reviews

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I find this product relevant for: One hand use, Decreased fine motor control
Other aspects of using this product to consider: The straw has a stopper at the very bottom, but it can still move up and down a lot.
Very good cups!

These cups are probably my sister's favorite (of ones that are plastic and have a lid and a straw) -- and she has tried many different types!
Pros: She likes this one because it is thin enough to hold, doesn't get slippery, and isn't so heavy when it's full. They are also pretty durable, and while they might leak a little if knocked over, they won't spill completely.
Cons: The straw has a stopper at the bottom, but that doesn't stop it from pulling up out of the cup while she is drinking if her head moves back. Ideally, the straw would be slightly curved at the top rather than completely straight.

I also have one of these cups and love it for around the house (less likely to spill!), in the car, and for keeping cold drinks icy cold :)