Liam is wearing a red collared shirt with blue, white, and black stripes. The Everest waist bag is being worn across his body and visible in the front, on his chest. His keys are hanging from a zipper with a caribbeaner.

Everest Signature Waist Pack

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Product Review by Liam: (meet our team)

This waist pack is one of Liam's favorites. It not only looks good but is very functional and can be worn in different ways. In Liam's video review, he explains why this bag is particularly useful for wheelchair users or anyone who might not have easy access to a purse or pockets. He makes particular note of its good size, the many pockets, access to his keys, and easier access to your things more generally. He also appreciates that it is sold at a reasonable price. Watch his review below for more! 


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Everest Bags Website - Everest Signature Waist Pack

AmazonEverest Signature Waist Pack


Video Review:

Liam shows you his blue Everest Signature Waist Pack with yellow accents and points out its different features.