Green jar opener, which has different size cut outs to be squeezed around a jar lid with the handles, sitting beside a green bottle opener that can also open tabs.

Jar & Bottle Opener Set

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Note from Day Undefined:

This product, which comes with two pieces, is less expensive than many other jar and bottle opener options out there. However, the jar opener did not work well for Jessica, who does not recommend it if you have shaky or unsteady hands

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Where to find this product:

Amazon - Jar & Bottle Opener Set by Meyuewal


Product Review by Jessica: (meet our team)

The Easy Twist jar opener from Meyuewal on Amazon comes as a two-piece set, in a variety of colors. The bigger opener is for jars. It can open 4 different sizes. It also has 2 protrusions on the top that can open anything with a tab on it. For me it unfortunately did not work out very well. My hands are too shaky to use the product. I found that when opening jars, I needed to be able to put the opener around the jar, hold it in place, as well as keep a tight grip on the opener. My hands could not grip the opener tight enough around the jar. I also could not keep the opener in the position I needed.

The second piece, however, is very helpful. It is a bottle opener that can be used in 5 different ways. When I need help opening bottles, I just put the grip over the bottle and twist. I have trouble with opening can tabs. I cannot get my finger under the tab.  This can help with that. There are 2 tab openers on the side that look like claws as well as an opening at the bottom that the tab slips in. Then pull up slightly.


Video Review: 

Video description: Jessica demonstrates her difficulty using the jar opener, along with using three different features to try to open can tabs (only the tab opener on the jar opener device works for Jessica). She also opens a bottle.