Pet feeder sits on a table with an orange pumpkin in the background. The pet feeder is white with a small black display, a black lid, and a silver tray.
Side view of the pet feeder. The white cord is visible extending from the back of it.

Automatic Pet Feeder

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Day Undefined Notes:

This automatic pet feeder is recommended by our co-founder Liam. It allows you to schedule four feedings per day, and even record a voice message for your beloved furry friend. This one has a 4 Liter storage capacity for dry food, but there are many different brands and models out there! 


Where to find this product:

We encourage you to search and shop for the model that is right for you! Here is what we found: 

Petlibro Website: 

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder (reviewed product)


Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder 

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Product Review by Liam (meet our team)

Great concept, some barriers with the specific product. Don't get me wrong - this automatic feeder has changed my life. Manually giving my cat food takes around five minutes for me, from opening the food storage container to scooping food into his bowl to closing the container, let alone if I spill food and need to take the time to clean it up. Multiple times a day. This product feeds automatically, with a recording you can make for your pet announcing when it's meal time.


  • Saves time / attention
  • Programmable feeding times / amounts
  • Lid is easy to get off / put back on (might be difficult for some)


  • Buttons small- can be difficult to interact with from a wheelchair when it is on the floor
  • Display locks / turns off after a short amount of time
  • Still need to fill the large storage container on the device once in a while

I think there is a version of this product that uses Wi-Fi in some way. I would like to try it.


Video Review: