A silver metal coffee filter stands beside a large glass carafe filled with coffee. It has a gray plastic lid and handle with a blue cap covering the pouring spout.

Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker

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This is a favorite of our co-founder Liam. There is no need to boil water, and it makes enough that you can enjoy cold brew coffee for several days. It has a large capacity (64 oz.) and is easy to clean. Read more about why Liam switched to this product for his cold brew coffee in his blog post on coffee making.

Product Review by Liam (meet Liam, here)

This product saves money and uses room-temperature water. After I got a bad burn from using a french press, I looked into making cold brew. This system is very easy to use, makes a bunch of coffee, and does not involve boiling water. Cold brew is also very tasty.


  • Coffee tastes great, even with cheaper grounds
  • Can make coffee concentrate! Along with its large capacity, can last for awhile
  • Only need room-temperature water
  • No power needed- can be made anywhere that is most convenient for you


  • Can get pretty heavy when filled
  • Removing the filter can be precarious
  • The small rubber circle that sits at the top of the filter gets lost easily
  • Scooping grounds in the filter cup can get messy

Other aspects of using this product to consider: Requires a good grip and some strength to lift.

Similar products to consider: Keurig Coffee Makers are nice, but coffee is initially very hot, the water carafe is difficult to fill, and the system has to be kept plugged in.

Might be particularly relevant for: decreased fine motor control, decreased coordination

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