Right angle knife with a stainless steel blade and a dark blue handle sitting on a white cutting board beside an apple.

Right Angle Knife

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Amazon - Able-T Right Angle Knife

Walmart - Able-T Right Angle Knife


Product Review by Sarah: (meet our team)

(scroll down for video)

This is an interesting knife to try out, if you have difficulties with hand strength or fine motor skills. The angle of the handle is helpful. While I’m gripping the handle, it gives me enough control so that I don’t need to use my other hand to push down on the top side of a blade when I’m cutting something dense. The knife isn’t a magic wand – food prep can still be challenging, but I do think it is a bit easier to use than a standard knife.

My one criticism is that it does not come with a protective sheath or plastic cover for the sharp blade. I’m using a makeshift cover that a friend cut from car door rubber edge trim for me.


Video Review:

Sarah gives a demonstration of cutting an apple with this right angle knife.