Gray blanket folded up showing the edge of the other side, which is white and fuzzy.

Fleece Weighted Blanket

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This fleece weighted blanket by joybest is 12 pounds and twin size (48x72 inches) but can be purchased in different weights and sizes. Small non-toxic glass beads are distributed throughout the blanket. It is designed for adults.

Product Review by Sarah (meet Sarah, here):

I first got this weighted blanket to keep warm on cold Minnesota nights. The temperature can drop to well below zero and then stay there during the winter. I found that the blanket did keep me very warm, and it also helped slightly with muscle pain at night. It is of course heavy, and it can be a nuisance to pull back up if it falls down. It’s worth checking out, though, especially if your chronic pain issues are exacerbated by cold weather.

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