A long black shower mat with small holes is on the floor of a white bathtub.

Bathtub and Shower Mat

SlipX Solutions
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Day Undefined Notes:

The reviewed product is the extra long version (39x16 in.), and it comes in a variety of colors.

Where you can find this product:

Target - SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bathtub and Shower Mat 

Amazon - SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bathtub and Shower Mat (reviewed product)

Home Depot - SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bathtub and Shower Mat


Product Review by Sarah: (meet our team)

This shower mat with suction cups is perfectly adequate for making the shower floor safer. Depending on how likely you are to fall in the shower, I would absolutely recommend looking for a shower seat or a grab bar too, but if all you need is a surface to stand on that isn’t dangerously slippery, this mat works well. Just don’t forget to take it out and clean it periodically, especially if you have a humid bathroom!

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