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A mechanical keyboard with back-lighting in different colors.

Redragon K552 Mechanical Keyboard

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This keyboard is recommended by our co-founder Liam. The Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard clicks with each keystroke. Pushing the keys might require a little more strength than traditional keyboards, but it can help with precision in typing. The back lighting can also make the keys easier to differentiate.

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Customer Reviews

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Liam Dougherty
I find this product relevant for: Decreased fine motor control, Decreased coordination
Other aspects of using this product to consider: I've used it for four years and it still works great.
Similar products to consider: I would caution against getting a "mini" keyboard. Many times brands will not say this up front or make it seem like a good feature. Smaller keys make it harder for me to type accurately.zz1
I type faster with less errors on this keyboard

- The sound they keys make when pushed allows me to feel confident I pushed a key. The fact that it is a little harder to press the keys cuts down on pressing keys by accident.
- It is backlit, so key are easier to see.
- it is full size. Keys have more space between them.
- It is very inexpensive!

- It is wired, so it does add one more wire to your computer space. It is good however that it does not require batteries or need to be recharged.
- The wire is long, so it is hard to tuck away neatly. The keyboard does come with a velcro strip on the wire to fold extra wire into.
- Since the keys are a bit tougher to press, fingers work a little harder which may slow the process down a little bit.
- It is made for PCs, so if you use a Mac some (unessential) keys will be inaccurate.