Two white smart wifi outlet plugs, each with a gray button on one side, plugged into an outlet.

Kasa Smart Wifi Plugs (2-pack)

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Product recommended by Kailey:

Kasa Smart Wifi Plugs were highly recommended to us for use with the smart speaker Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Assistant for hands-free, voice control of appliances. Not only do these smart plugs make it possible to turn appliances on and off with your voice, but they also give you the ability to control appliances from anywhere by using an app on your phone. You can even schedule your appliances to turn on or off. These smart plugs could help offer easier or more control over various types of daily tasks. These are available in singles or different packs (e.g., 2-pack, 4-pack).

Product reviewed by Tony:

The Wi-Fi plugs are awesome. The Wi-Fi plugs have an app to download on smartphones which [lets you control them] on your phone. I can turn them on and off away from home. Also I tried it when I was in DC over the week and it went nice. I love them and they work awesome. 

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