The lid is off. It is a screw on lid.
Top view of mug with the lid flipped up/open, revealing the hole to drink out of.
Side view of teal mug.
Mighty mug with the flip top lid closed. Teal mug with black lid.

Mighty Mug Solo

Mighty Mug
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Day Undefined Notes:

Looking for a mug that won't fall over when bumped? This might be a good solution. The Mighty Mug is a leak-proof mug that won't fall when bumped from the side. It has a special mechanism that keeps the mug in place unless lifted straight up. 


Where to find this product:

Mighty Mug Store - Mighty Mug Solo

Amazon - Mighty Mug Solo


Product Recommendation by Jen: (Jen is not part of our review team, but we welcome submissions!)

Jen did an initial test of this mug and found that it is indeed very resistant to being knocked over when placed on a hard, flat surface. However, she had a more difficult time releasing it, because the cup needs to be picked straight up -- not at an angle (i.e., towards you). Also, the flip top to open the mug might be a great design for some individuals but was difficult for Jen. This could be a great cup for some individuals with decreased fine motor control or coordination, but it was not the best fit for Jen. 

That said, the Mighty Mug product video offers a good demonstration of how this product works and might help you determine if it's a good product for you. They offer a 100% happiness guarantee, and it comes in many colors and varieties (including a tumbler with a straw!).


Video Demonstration: 

This is not a video review but rather a brief demonstration of the Mighty Mug Solo anti-spill mechanism, recorded by a caregiver.