The Loop Scarf: Stay warm and free up your hands

*Loop scarves are also known as "circle" or "infinity" scarves.

I live in the San Francisco bay area. we have very mild winter and the lowest temperature around winter time is above 50. Given that, there is no reason for me to purchase & store heavy winter clothes in general.

A couple of years ago, I planned spending a Christmas with my brother- in- law’s family in Idaho. Instead of investing a few hundred dollars to buy a down coat for one week, I decided to buy a scarf. I was not sure if that would provide enough warmth, but I was willing to give it a try.

After a little research / a few comparisons, I decided on this loop shaped scarf, mainly because it looked warm, but also it frees up my hands. If I fell (my ataxia condition) on the slippery snow, at least I would have my hands available to grab things.

In my video demonstration, you can tell it looks warm! I can also assure you it feels comfortable and warm. Meanwhile, the most important feature is the loop shape, I love it!

Watch Hannah put the loop scarf on "Bob the Dog" (YouTube video)

A blue stuffed animal dog is wearing a gray knit loop scarf.
Image: A blue stuffed dog is wearing a gray knit loop scarf.


To Buy:

We don't know the exact brand of Hannah's scarf. Here are two different circle scarf styles on Amazon:

Knit Ribbed Infinity Circle Loop Scarf by Neosan (highest reviewed loop scarf)

Infinity Scarf by Chalier (another style of circle scarf)

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