The many advantages of a "simple" solution: the utility rolling cart

I could name quite a few things that have made my life as a wheelchair user easier. I could also name quite a few things in life that greatly inhibit my ability to live a happy life… but that’s an accessibility post for another blog. The wheelchair itself is a love poem of its own that I still have to write. Without it, I would be homebound on a daily basis, and not be able to live the life that I have.

Technology today has stepped up in so many ways to make everyone’s lives better, but yet still has far to go to bring more ease to those of us who live with mobility or other physical or mental challenges. One of my favorite tools to use on a daily basis is not even an electronic device— it is simply a three-shelved cart with four wheels that was purchased through Amazon a few years ago.

I live in a small “efficiency” apartment, with limited space and therefore not much room (literally) to store my daily use items. So, I can use these carts for storage, but I can also drag them into the kitchen for tasks like cooking or crafting. I can fairly easily reach all three shelves (the bottom one is easiest with a reaching stick, I admit), and I can even sometimes use it as a tray table for eating.

The cart took a little time and help to assemble- it was a Christmas gift, so my parents took care of that before they brought it to me. It’s been greatly helpful in expanding my independence, and making more organized space in my sometimes cramped feeling apartment. In the kitchen, it can be used for bringing hot or cold items from one area to another safely, temporarily storing meal ingredients, or even longer term space saving of utensils and “pantry items” or cookbooks. Really the possibilities are endless.  I may even buy a second one for other items to use in another spot of my living space. I have a book collection (and other “collections”) that could really use a better area to sit.

Whenever I need to push the cart from one space to another, it’s lite enough (depending on how much I put on it sometimes!) to push with one hand, while steering my power wheelchair. My reaching stick is a “bonus” assistive device for anything I can’t reach with my arms, and is often another life-saver that I imagine many homes have.

I see them in the most random stores at times when traveling, and the usual online places, and even in dollar stores! I am quite glad that they are becoming more available. I continue to be grateful for any new product or technology device that helps people to live more independent and happy, full lives.

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3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart by Greensen - Available at Amazon


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  • I whole heartedly agree with the author of this post on the benefits and versatility of this “low-tech” item: the 3-level, rolling cart. I bought similar, at first for crafting supplies. It moves easily and the shelves are actually baskets with 3.5" sides, to keep items from sliding off. I own two: one used as a “portable” gym to hold handweights, a fitness tracking sheet & pens, a tablet & stand, water bottles, plus space for my phone while I do chair exercises; and the 2nd cart, same construction but narrow, which is kept in my small bathroom to keep essentials nearby. These carts are very useful.

    K. Winston

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