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High Tech, Low Tech – What the Tech!

The cleaning product options out there feel endless. Not only the number of them, but also what they promise they can do for you. We’re here to remind you that at the end of the day, it isn’t about how fancy the product is, it’s about whether it actually works…for you. Let’s take a look at three different cleaning products - all reviewed by members of our team 


1. iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Robot Mop - Reviewed by Joni

Image: Small white, square-shaped iRobot Braava mop with black buttons and features cleaning a hardwood floor 

Small white iRobot Braava Mop with black accents on a hardwood floor.

This definitely falls under the “high tech” category – who believed that a robot would be navigating your house to mop your floors? While you might already be familiar with the “Roomba” (which Joni reviews for us here!), this little buddy takes it one step farther, spraying a cleaning detergent and then scrubbing as it goes. 

Of course, while the automatic and autonomous nature of this robot mop can be a major help with cleaning, especially for individuals with disabilities, it’s also important to consider what kind of maintenance it requires (e.g., adding cleaning fluid), as well as what type of assistance it needs when it runs into trouble (e.g., physically picking it up to reposition it if it gets stuck). Joni describes all of this in her full review, but here is an example:

“Small thresholds and ramps may sometimes prove to be hindrances. My mop often gets stuck on these and needs help to get from room to room; if that requires picking up the mop, then it may not be able to navigate your living space once it is set back down in a slightly different location.”

Ultimately, Joni decides that, for more than one reason, this product isn’t the best fit for her house. She loves her iRobot Roomba, but finds this robot mop to be too expensive for the experience that she has had with it. Be sure to check out her full review, where she goes into more detail and shares a video of the device in action.


2. Turbo Scrub Power Scrubber - Reviewed by Karen

Image: White Turbo Scrub power scrubber extended over a tub cleaning a white tile shower wall

Extended power scrubber being held across a bathtub to scrub a shower wall.

This device packs a little extra punch for cleaning your tile surfaces thanks to its spinning brush head. This means it doesn’t require as much pressure to clean your surfaces. The long handle also gives you a longer reach (about 3 feet), reducing bending and reaching.

The device is rechargeable, which is great for the environment but does mean having to manipulate a small charging port. And it comes with not one but three types of brush heads (yay!), but it’s important to consider the coordination and dexterity (or assistance) required for switching them out. 

The device turns on with one relatively large button, which Karen demonstrates in her video. She has had this device for years and recommends it! 


 3. Swiffer Wet Jet Multi-Surface Mop - Reviewed by Jessica

Image: A purple Swiffer wet jet mop being used from a power chair to clean a linoleum floor

Purple Swiffer Wet Jet being used from a power chair on a linoleum kitchen floor.

Ah, the good old Swiffer! You can find numerous versions of Swiffer products, but Jessica reviewed the mop that allows you to push a button on the handle to dispense cleaning solution (attached at the base) onto the floor as you clean.

As a power chair user, Jessica was looking for a mop that would work for her. This ticked the boxes: light enough to maneuver, a head that swivels easily, the ability to dispense cleaning detergent with the push of a single button on the handle, and even a self-adhering mop pad, which she notes is particularly important for someone who might have trouble with their hands, like she does. 

She notes in her video that manual mopping can be tiring, and she finds it important to take breaks. But the good thing is that this Swiffer can be used on almost any hard floor (but read the fine print!), so she can easily use it in her kitchen and bathroom.

Overall, this Swiffer might not be “high tech” but it definitely has its own advantages for Jessica. 


Have you used any of these products? What do you think? Or, what products do you swear by and why? Let us know by leaving a comment :)

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