Tech-It-Out: 5. "There's an App for That!"

There are so many apps out there that it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are useful and for what purposes. While not every app is right for every person, here are five that come highly recommended by Joni and Ellie, two members of our team.  


For audiobooks and ebooks:

  • BARD - A free app that accesses the National Library Service, a free service that offers braille and audiobooks to blind and print-disabled folks. There are no time restraints or limits to the books you check out, so you can read at your leisure. My disability affects my vision, so I’ve been reading audiobooks this way for years, and could not imagine my life without it! You can apply for this service for free here: -Joni (*available to residents in the United States or US citizens living abroad)
  • Libby - A free app that uses your public library card to deliver audiobooks and ebooks directly to your device. You can check it out here: -Joni 


For safety:

  • Noonlight - I have thankfully never had to use this, but it is reassuring to have it if I do need it. This is a free app that specializes in safety. You set a PIN that is easy for you to remember. Then a large button appears on your phone; you press the button while you feel safe. When you release it, you have just so long to enter your PIN before someone intervenes, by contacting you by text/phone directly…and then local authorities or emergency services, if there is no response from you. Learn more here: -Joni (*there is a free version and a paid version)


For self-care:

  • Finch - A self-care app where you have your own pet bird and watch him grow up into an adult. "Finch allows me to create goals for myself every day and when I finish each one I get points. Every point I get helps my bird grow. I can even invite friends to join my tree tower, and we can send each other messages of support. If I finish my goals for the day, I can invite my friends to go on hikes with me." -Ellie (*there is a free version and a paid version)
  • I am -  "Every day the app sends me 2-3 positive quotes to help me get through the day." -Ellie (*this is a paid app, but free apps for daily affirmations are also available)
These apps are recommended by Joni and Ellie. Meet our team. Thanks for reading Tech-It-Out, a series brought to you by Day Undefined and the National Ataxia Foundation.

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  • It’s Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and PHYSICALLY Handicapped so most all of us qualify. Tremors, inability to hold a book for extended time, vision issues, inability to readily or comfortably go to or browse a library or book store, unable to drive. This is a wonderful service. I get 30 books of my choosing at a time narrated free. Check with your state capital’s library. You may have to explain to your doctor that it is no longer limited to blind and low vision. The name itself has changed to reflect that.
    Pauline Hamilton

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