Keeping cats (or kids) out of your cabinets

I never realized how many different kinds of baby locks there are on the market until I was looking for something to keep my cat out of the cabinets. There are U shaped ones, straps, strings, etc. In this review, I have a table at the bottom with pros and cons of each lock that I tried, as well as photos of each.

The Skyla Homes baby locks were the ones I found to be easier for me. They come in a pack of 8 or 12 and attach with 3M adhesive flexible straps. You can adjust the strap between 3-7 inches before attaching it to your cabinet. If you are anything like me, it takes a little bit of practice to get your fingers to work with the lock. Once you get it though, the locks work wonderfully! You can watch my video demonstration here

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PET/CHILD SAFETY LOCK #1: Adjustable U-shape Baby Lock by QT BABYAvailable on Amazon. First locks I tried. 



My cat did not get in the cabinets.

My cat was about half an inch from getting the latch off.

No tools needed.

Needs two adjacent handles or knobs.

Is adjustable.

You need good coordination to use product easily.


U shape lock is fitted through the gold handles of two wooden cabinets.
Image: The U-shape baby lock by QT Baby attaches to the cabinet handles. Here the white lock has been put through the gold handles of two wooden cabinets.


PET/CHILD SAFETY LOCK #2: Child Safety Cabinet Proofing by Skyla Homes - Available on Amazon. Second baby locks I tried, and the ones that I find easier to use.



My cat has not gotten in

Line up top and bottom of lock when closing

3M adhesive




Works on anything you need baby proofed



A white baby lock is attached to the door of a cabinet and holding it shut with a strap fixed to the side of thee cabinet.
Image: White Skyla Homes baby lock securing a cabinet door, with one side attached to the door and the other side wrapping around to the side of the cabinet. 
White Skyla Homes Baby Lock strap is stretched across two cabinet doors and secured on either side.
 Image: Skyla Homes baby lock attached to a wooden cabinet door on each side, holding both closed.

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