Karen's Corner: Get ready to garden this spring!

Karen is a regular reviewer and blogger for Day Undefined. In her series, "Karen's Corner," she invites you to join in her love of gardening and other hobbies and shares her tips for making them more accessible. 

Hello friends!  Spring is upon us, and I will be sharing some gardening tips throughout the Spring, as well as in all other seasons.  I have considered what might be most useful to you, and will be sharing web articles that I have found helpful.

There are endless  articles and videos across the internet. To be sure, I do not want to “re-event the wheel”, so instead of re-writing information that is readily available to you, I am  sharing some of my favorite resources, and encourage you to look for additional articles as needed.

To start at a good point, we should be preparing our plant beds, containers, and raised garden beds for Spring, But, this article reminds us to be particular about cleaning out unsightly and seemingly messy yard debris.  That mess of yard debris may be a habitat for pollinators.

This is something of which I was not aware of until recently.  Please enjoy this article from Monarch Joint Venture, and do more research, if interested.

A few tips for a safe start

  • Enlist family, friends, neighbors and children to help you.
  • Plan your gardening time in projects. Don’t try to do everything in one day
  • Pay attention to and remove anything which may be in your way. Have a clear path!
  • Wear garden or work gloves (I have long ‘rose’ gloves, like these)
  • Use a ‘reacher’ tool (like this one), rather than bending or reaching using your body or limbs.
  • Use a simple, aluminum frame walker (I bought mine at a thrift store for $4) with a tray to keep garden tools and supplies handy and well within your reach.
  • Disinfect old pots and gardening tools with undiluted Lysol cleaner or 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and rinse. You can also use a solution of 10% bleach (9 parts water to 1 part bleach), but be very careful, as bleach will discolor clothing and is corrosive if not thoroughly rinsed off tools.
"In search of my grandmother's garden, I found my own" sign with flowers.

Image: Karen shares the quote, surrounded by flowers, "In search of my grandmother's garden, I found my own."

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