Karen's Corner: Companion plants for your vegetable garden

Karen is a regular reviewer and blogger for Day Undefined. In her series, "Karen's Corner," she invites you to join in her love of gardening and other hobbies and shares her tips for making them more accessible. 

No matter the size of your garden, did you know that growing certain plants alongside vegetables can be very beneficial? Some “companion” plants, as they are called, repel insects, while others shade or enhance the flavor of veggies with which they are co-planted. Pests can be a big problem in a garden. I have stepped outside on our deck, and to my horror, witnessed an entire blueberry bush stripped of its leaves and covered in caterpillars! Companion plants are a good alternative to spraying pesticides.

Read this article for details. It is lengthy, but if you scroll around one-third of the way down, there is a chart of vegetables and suitable companion plants, and how they will enhance your gardening efforts. It was provided by a longtime favorite, the folks at Farmers Almanac.  

In my experience, Marigolds are great companions in a flower garden, as well, to keep pests away, and the little lizards that at one time frequented our deck, are repelled by the smell of Basil, an easy to grow and edible herb. Lemon-scented and mint plants may also keep mice & chipmunks away.

Please forgive the many pop-up ads, but the site is well worth bookmarking on your computer. Happy Planting!

Link to Farmers Almanac Article, "Companion Planting Chart and Guide for Vegetable Gardens": https://www.almanac.com/companion-planting-guide-vegetables

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