I Love Writing

I love writing, and writing a journal is relaxing. I am also old-school. I like to write with a real pen on paper. Unfortunately with my Ataxia condition, I am losing my fine motor skills. I used to write like a teacher, but now my writing is more like a doctor.

Given that, I have been looking for pens that can help. I found so many. Some of them are from my google search and some of them are from people’s recommendations. The attached photo is an example of how many I tried.

Unfortunately, none of them worked. I have no idea how much money I wasted in addition to the landfill I created.

Because of these experiences, I switched to a computer keyboard. However, I miss my pen and paper so much.

I never gave up searching. The other day, I came across one item on Day Undefined called “PenAgain” with a review by Michael. (I am on Day Undefined’s review team, and I also like to take a look at their website sometimes to see what they have to offer.) I was so tempted to get one until I read his review. I learned that this shape of pen will help it stay in your hand, but it will not necessarily improve handwriting. This information is key for me as I don’t have a problem with dropping my pen -- I need a pen to improve my handwriting.

I realized when I was doing research that I tended to put in “adaptive” as the key word. Often times, those search results are not ideal for me, because the people writing that review do not have the exact condition I have.

I am still on my journey looking for a pen that’s good for me, but at least Michael’s review saved some money and waste.   

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