Have you tried a Lazy Susan in your refrigerator?

One thing I swear by is the use of a Lazy Susan. No, this doesn’t mean grabbing your snoozy sister Susan and asking for help! They are versatile turntables that historically date back to about the 1800s, with many theories as to how they got their name -- which I won’t get into now, but I encourage you to look them up!

I have several of them in my apartment, actually. You can buy them in different sizes, colors, and material. I have both plastic and wooden ones that I use. The white plastic ones are in my bathroom on a counter next to my sink, and one is in my refrigerator on the top shelf. I also have a wooden one sitting on my dining table that holds things like napkins salt and pepper shakers, and my daily pills.

Like myself, many people with disabilities have difficulty reaching and stretching their bodies. The Lazy Susan is helpful because it’s a spinning device that allows you to move whatever is on top of it until you can finally reach the specified item. It also keeps your things in one organized spot.

In a bathroom setting, you can keep anything small, from hygiene products (i.e. toothbrushes, combs, folded towels, shaving supplies, for example), to beauty items, like lipsticks or eyeshadows. Just be careful not to put anything too fragile on them. Bottles of nail polish may fall and break.

In my refrigerator, things like condiments and containers of dip or different sauces are an idea. You can be as creative as you want, all depending on your daily needs. This is truly one of my most favorite things I got when I first moved out on my own.

They can be very easily assembled, as they don’t have many parts. Sometimes they may come in two or three “tiers”, which may take a little extra time to put together, but overall, it’s an easy job for anyone who has use of their arms to manage. And, if you do need assistance, there should be an aide, friend, or family member willing enough to help.

Where can you find a Lazy Susan? Catalogs with kitchen devices or Amazon are always good places to start. You can use them for any room in the home, and they can easily last a lifetime. You can easily clean them with just a wipe.


Examples of products mentioned in this blog:

Non-skid Turntable by Copco - Available at Amazon

Two-tier Lazy Susan by Housewares Goods - Available at Walmart

Turntable with Bins by YouCopia - Available at Target, Amazon



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