Door Pull Hack: Cheap and more accessible

As far back as I can remember, I have had a little crafty streak in me -- whether it is making my own cards or making friendship bracelets for people. About 4 years ago I went with my boyfriend and his family to pick up one of the cutest little kittens I have ever seen. Her name is Tabitha and she is so full of energy. The next logical step to me in my craft making was cat toys.

This started out just as a cat toy, because I wanted to make something for Tabitha to enjoy. I crocheted some yarn and added o-rings to the bottom. I just tied it to the door so she could have somewhere to play with it where it would always be there hanging for her. And then I got in the habit of just pulling it to shut the door. I tied the yarn around the handle multiple times so Tabitha couldn’t get it off as she was playing, so I figured why not use it to pull the door shut all the time. Kind of kill two birds with one stone!

A cat is stretching up towards a door handle, playing with a dangling piece of string.   

Image: Tabitha the cat stretches up toward a door handle and plays with a string.

While using the cat toy pull, I found that it is a tad difficult to use if you are not in the right spot. My friend and college roommate reminded me that we used to have a door pull on our dorm room door. It was hard for me to shut the door in college, so the pull was very helpful. I recreated it on my door at home. I took a piece of yarn and tied it securely around the hinge several times. I then tied the other end around my doorknob while making sure to leave enough slack on the yarn so I could pull the door shut. It works very well!


The door pull started to hurt my hand when you pull it, because it is just a strand of yarn (also because my door is wonky to close), and it eventually broke. Softer or thicker yarn would be easier on my hands (and sturdier), so I made a new one!

The photo below (left) gives a side by side comparison with my last door pull so you can see the size difference. I tied one end around the hinge and the other around the door handle like I did for the last one. 

Check out my video demonstration here! (of the original, green door pull)
Close up of the old door pull beside the new thicker door pull  Jessica's new, thicker door pull hanging across her door.
Images of Jessica's new door pull: (Left) A thick multicolored crocheted "cord" beside a green piece of yarn. (Right) Jessica's new, thicker door pull hanging across her door.


A close-up of green yarn wrapped around the door hinge.   Green yarn stretching across a door from the hinge to the handle, over an organizer full of yarn.

Images of Jessica's old door pull: (Left) Close-up of green yarn tied around door hinge; (Right) Green yarn is stretched across the door - over a hanging door organizer full of yarn - between the door handle and the door hinge. 

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