Are you eligible for *free* 3D printed products?

In the United Sates, every state receives funding to make assistive technology and services more widely available. An important part of these programs is their "lending library" which allows individuals in that state to borrow devices at no or low cost for a certain period of time.

[Look up your State's Assistive Technology Program here!]

For example, Pennsylvania has a lending library with over 1500 devices that can be borrowed by anyone in the state. Some programs have also made their 3D printed products available at no cost to residents of that state.

Requesting 3D Printed Products 

Ellie recently requested the 3D printed bag carrier handle from the Illinois Assistive Technology Program, because she wanted to be able to carry multiple bags at one time. As a resident of the state, she was able to receive the product for free of charge (but there is a suggested donation for those who can afford to contribute). 

Here is her review of this particular product:

  • How long I've been using this product: A few weeks

  • How often I use this product: Not often

  • My gut feeling: It's good except for the area where the bags go (too short)

  • Pros: The handle is comfortable because it has indents where your fingers go

  • Cons: It's smaller than other models, which makes me think that it is less sturdy. The places (hooks) where the bags go are way too small, so you have to hold it very straight so the bags do not fall off. I would only put light bags on this so it will not tip as easily.

Here is her video review:


Ultimately, Ellie prefers another model of bag handles called the Mammoth Grip Bag Carrying Handles, which she has also reviewed for Day Undefined. However, those can cost around $20, which is a big barrier. Be sure to contact your State's Assistive Technology Program to find out what useful items might be available to you! 


Have you tried your State's Assistive Technology Program? How was your experience? What are your thoughts on this bag carrier? Let us know in the comments!

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