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Cut Resistant Gloves

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These cut resistant gloves by NoCry can offer protection from cuts while preparing food in the kitchen (think cutting, grating, slicing, etc.) or working with knives in hobby activities. They are food safe and dishwasher washable, and they come in different sizes to give you a tight fit. The gloves are not specific to "left" or "right" but can be used on either hand. 

PLEASE NOTE: These gloves do not guarantee protection against all cuts! They are just an extra form of protection. Please read the manufacturer's product details carefully.

Product recommended by Carrie:

I use one often for cutting and grating. The concept is great and I've saved my fingers and hands from being accidentally grated or cut. I also use it for cutting jalapenos. I have small hands so I do find that the fingers are long but I still can use it.

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