Image shows a KitchenAid knife that has a curved, stainless steel blade, a red handle and a red protective sheath for the blade.

Classic Mezzaluna Knife

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This curved blade knife might help offer more control than other knives. It has top ratings for being ergonomic, easy to hold, durable, and easy to clean. It comes with a protective sheath for the blade to use when stored.  

Product Review by Liam (meet Liam, here)


  • I love the ability to rock the knife back and forth while using this product on some produce. This allows the user to “pick up” the knife to cut again without losing a point of contact for stability.
  • I also like that the knife does not have a point. While the blade itself is still very sharp the mezzaluna does not have a point like traditional knives which makes it safer for use with fine motor disabilities.
  • The knife is relatively small and is gripped right above the blade. This allows for more controlled movements.


  • It is still a very sharp knife and can be very dangerous if used incorrectly.
  • The ability to rock back and forth is lost for bigger produce that must be cut in bigger wedges like apples.
  • Since the knife is small it is more difficult to cut through bigger produce.

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*PLEASE NOTE: The original KitchenAid Mezzaluna Knife reviewed by Liam does not currently seem to be available on Amazon. We have provided the link to a mezzaluna knife by KitchenAid that is available, but it might differ. 

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