For the love of scalp massages

I love head scratches. I was the kid who used to beg any aunt or uncle or babysitter or parent for a head scratch. And so did my siblings. In fact, the prize for winning many games was a head or arm scratch. Weird? Maybe, but that was us.

Things change as adults, and life doesn't work quite like that anymore, but it doesn't mean that many of us love that tingling sensation any less. 

When I rediscovered the "wire scalp massager" (the same ones I remember testing at the mall as a kid), I was overjoyed. Only maybe a year or two later did it hit me that if I still love a good scalp massage, maybe my sister would, too. 

My sister Jen has spinocerebellar ataxia, which has increasingly caused challenges with her coordination. I knew that it might be hard for her to use it, but hey, I could offer her one, just like old times.

The first time I gave her a scalp massage with this device, her head relaxed down and her eyes closed. I asked her if she was enjoying it, and with a smile, she told me that it felt so good. 

While it is very difficult for her to use this scalp massager on her own, family members or caregivers can easily offer her one, and often does she gladly accept.

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